1. Facebook event here!

  2. Now you can listen to the whole version of DBFC ”Leave My Room”, pre-order the EP on iTunes and grab the single at the same time! 

  4. SOON

    DBFC's debut EP “Leave My Room”

  5. Last month, S.R. Krebs was at the Red Bull Studios, finishing her new EP. You’ll definitely be hearing more about her in a few weeks…
    Thanks to Sarah Krebs, Leo Hellden and Mike Giffts for the beautiful songs, and to David Shaw and Thibault Javoy for the huge mixes!
  6. Introducing DBFC

  8. Some pictures of the Red Bull Studios Party with La Mverte vs Yan Wagner and David Shaw and The Beat

    (c) Jakob + Macfarlane 

  10. Hello world!

    Mijo aka La Royale just sent us this crazy video he made for “PARA PURA”… If you like rabbits you will definitely love it (or not)!

    Listen to his EP on Soundcloud